Save or Splurge: 2-in-one dresses from Nanette Lepore and Dorothy Perkins

2in1_dressesTwo-in-one dresses are absolutely everywhere right now. Most are of the “shirt-attached-to-a-pencil-skirt” variety, but there’s also a lot of the “t-shirt-worn-under-a-strapless-dress” variety around too, and it’s this style that’s the subject of today’s Save or Splurge.

Now, we quite like these dresses. At first we were a little suspicious of them on account of our reservations about Clothes That Are Stuck Together, but we soon got over it, and started to really like this casually dressed-up style. But which dress do we like most, we ask ourselves? Well, the Nanette Lepore Gin Sling dress is the more expensive of the two, at $260, and we like the striped t-shirt top. At just £30, though, and available in either red or white, we think the Dorothy Perkins dress is the better buy, and we prefer the shape of the bodice, so that’s the one we’d go for.

What about you, though? What do you think of these dresses? And if you’d buy one, would you save or splurge?

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