Andrea Crews attempts to make My Little Pony fashionable

My Little Pont t-shirt My LIttle Pont sweater My Little Pony My Little Pony sweater

(There’s more where these came from…)

This week, the Dress Like a Toddler Trend looks set to claim yet more victims, as these Andrea Crews x My Little Pony sweaters go on sale at Colette.

Now, we have to be honest: our My Little Pony-mad (Applejack was our favourite, we seem to recall) six-year-old selves would’ve absolutely LOVED these sweaters. Seriously. Unfortunately, though, our six-year-old selves wouldn’t have been able to make our pocket money stretch to the $300+ each one of them costs, and even if we could have, we’d have found ourselves drowning in them, because these sweaters are designed for adults. Rich adults, presumably.

So, what do you reckon? Does your My Little Pony collection still line the wall of your childhood bedroom? Do you want a t-shirt or sweatshirt to wear, so everyone around you knows just how much you love your ponies? Well, luckily for you there’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a designer one: we found this t-shirt at Amazon for just $15.95!


Or how about this one, for $17.95?

My Little Pony t-shirt

Of course, these actually ARE designed for toddlers. Which kind of proves our point, really. You CAN get affordable My Little Pony clothing for adults, though. Look, you can even get it for guys!

My LIttle Pont boxer shorts

(Buy here)

We’ll never look at My Little Pony the same way ever again now.

Finally, if you simply want to show your love for MLP in the privacy of your own home (And who doesn’t, we ask you?), there’s always the My Little Pony onesie:

My Little Pony onesie


  • September 19, 2013


    Ahahaha! XD

    I take it you’re not familiar with the hype ‘MLP Friendship is Magic’ has surprisingly created among some adults? Most notably adult males (also called ‘Bronies’)?
    Granted, it’s already old news in the geek parts of the internet, but I guess Andrea Crews took a while to catch on.

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  • September 23, 2013


    Firstly, some designers are reportedly trying to make sweaters, period, fashionable. Secondly, finding first generation My Little Pony merchandise like this would be hard given the immensely popular made-over second generation’s volume of promotion in comparison to any promotion the first is getting–if it is getting any. And since there IS a large following of bronies, teenagers and adults, there is consequently a demand for adult Pony merchandise (not to say I haven’t seen cheaper adult versions of the more popular MLP:FIM brand). That said, it is not totally unreasonable that someone should design expensive, eclectic (in both generation and age target) sweaters for the eclectic, moneyed, and confident adult Pony fan.
    It is also sad, that as supposed “fashion police”, you do not know what kigurumi is– or if you do, you scoff at the entirety of the branch of fashion. This branch of fashion is supposed to be different–not sexy, not blend-in-with-the-crowd. It is supposed to be cute– and quite frankly I would be creeped out if someone tried to sexualize children’s characters(like those boxers, ick). It may be a niche, it may be different, daring, and even intimidating, but if everything were mainstream where, then, would we gleam inspiration from? I for one salute those brave enough to sport their Pony love for all to see.

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