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Style Trial: Mullet Skirts

Fashion Trends 2012: Mullet Skirts

[Skirts: GoJane]

It’s no use: we’ve been hoping that if we just ignored them for long enough, mullet skirts (or high-low skirts, if you prefer) would quietly slink off back to wherever they came from. Here we are, though, well into summer 2012, and the skirts that are party in the front and… well, party in the back, too, actually… still seem to have a stranglehold on fashion. We can’t remember the last time we looked at a street style blog or fashion editorial that didn’t feature at least one wispy mullet skirt wafting artfully in the breeze, most often worn with some kind of clunky shoe-boot, and a crop-top of some kind.

So we’re putting them On Trial. Well, these are skirts named after our least favourite haircut of all time, after all: we can’t just continue to turn a blind eye to that kind of thing, can we?

What’s the verdict then, Fashion Police Jurors? Are mullet skirts every bit as bad as their namesake hairdo, or are they innocent of all charges, and the perfect outfit for a summer’s day or evening?

Guilty or Innocent?

Mullet skirts: fashion trend summer 2012[L-R: Jacco Fashion (pink and blue skirts); Tamra; Republic]




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