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Mullet or Marvellous? Nightcap Clothing’s ‘Flamingo’ skirt

To us, skirts like this will forever be known as Mullet Skirts, on account of the whole “short at the front, long at the back” thing. That’s not to say that skirts with trains can’t be fabulous, though: they absolutely can. On brides. And perhaps on people with a red carpet to walk on.

This one, however, is the Mullet Skirt for casual occasions. Does it work? Do you like the idea of being able to wear a mini at the front and a maxi at the back, or do you just wish it would make up its mind what it wants to be when it grows up? In other words, is it a crime of fashion, or should we set it free?

Also: would you pay £264? Get it at Shopbop if so.

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