Fashion Police at the VMAs: the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards red carpet

2012 MTV Video Music Awards

Well, THIS is a boring old bunch, isn’t it?

Not even Katy Perry or Rihanna, both of whom can generally be relied upon to wear something outlandishly entertaining to the MTV Video Music Awards, were able to generate more than a slightly raised eyebrow from our force, which meant all of the fashion entertainment at the 2012 VMAs had to come from Miley Cyrus’s haircut and Emma Watson’s curiously slouchy posture.

We’re disappointed. You’d think someone could have managed a light-up dress or bubblegum-pink hair, and yes, we ARE looking at you, Katy Perry. We realise you’ve made a half-hearted attempt at a shress, but the colours of this outfit are so dull we almost didn’t notice. Sorry. (We don’t count Nicki Minaj, by the way: Nicki lost the ability to shock us a long time ago, and even she looked fairly toned-down by her standards.

Honestly, a meat dress would’ve IMPROVED this line-up. Yes, we said it.

Here are some of the suspects from last night’s awards…


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