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M&S Limited Collection abstract print harem trousers

We have to admit we were a little alarmed to see these lurking in the depths of the M&S website.  Usually a safe haven of trousers your gran would wear and reasonably priced cashmere sweaters, Marks and Spencer can occasionally have a fashion moment, and as is proved by the pants pictured above, it doesn’t always end well.

We’re not sure what disturbs us the most: the print (M&S call it part of the Limited Collection’s “Dance Warrior” trend), the drawstring waist or the strange harem pant-cargo trouser hybrid that seems to be going on here.  For yes, when we zoomed in to see what the strange black mark on the trouser leg was, we discovered that it is in fact the flap of a cargo pocket.  And there’s one on the other leg too.

What do you think though?  Are harem pant-cargo trouser hybrids your thing?  If so, you can buy them here, priced at £39.50.

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