Shoes, Wanted!

Most Wanted: Antique Rose Shoes by Irregular Choice

Antique Rose Shoes by Irregular Choice

Last time I wrote about Irregular Choice shoes (on another blog) I was told I needed electric shock therapy because my taste is THAT BAD. To be honest? I don’t care. Sure, some Irregular Choice shoes look more suited to a fancy dress party than anything else, but these? These are gorgeous, and if thinking that makes me crazy, then so be it. If you want to give me EST you’ll have to catch me first, anyway.

Granted shoes like these aren’t easy to wear. It’s going to take a bit of panache to pull off the oversize flower on the front, and I’d suggest wearing them with something fairly plain, so that the shoes become the focus of the outfit – not that they wouldn’t be, in any case.

Get them at Zappos.

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