leather pencil skirt

Wanted! Balenciaga mint leather pencil skirt

Time for a little bit of fantasy shopping to kick off this Monday morning. Because if we could just have this Balenciaga leather pencil skirt, we promise we’d never complain about Mondays ever again. Or about anything, really… It’s funny, because for the most part, leather skirts fall into the “love to look at them, don’t love to wear them” category for us. Sure, they look fantastic (or they CAN do, if they’re done right), but it can be hard to get the perfect fit, then you have to worry about them ruching around the hips when you walk, bulging uncomfotably when you try to sit down in them… Of course, most of those issues will be solved if you…


Wanted! Spots and stripes at Stefanel

There’s nothing quite like spots when it comes to making an ordinary item of clothing seem a little more special. Except maybe stripes, that is. Spots and stripes, stripes and spots: we wouldn’t want to choose between them. so we’ll just declare both of them to be our favourite prints, and leave it at that, shall we? This season, Stefanel have created a fabulous collection of spots and stripes: here are some of our most wanted items… 01. Longline stripe cardigan, £150 The nautical look never goes out of style: this longline stripe cardigan uses the classic red, white and blue colourway to create a fun cover-up that’ll look good over jeans, leggings, and anything else you choose to pair…


Wanted! Six Spring Pieces from Dorothy Perkins

Everyone has their favourite fashion season, and our would most definitely be spring. Particularly THIS spring. We’re totally in love with all of the pretty pastel colours, the big skirts, the polka dots and the stripes this season has seen fit to bestow upon us, and every day seems to bring new items to add to our WANTED! list. We’re particularly impressed with the current spring collection at Dorothy Perkins: here are six of our favourite things, which we’re hoping you’ll go and buy, so we don’t have to… 01. The baby blue sweater, £18 It’s still sweater weather, and probably will be for a while yet. Baby blue has been one of the big colour trends of the season,…


Matalan’s summer 2014 collection is awesome

Matalan spring/summer 2014 Anyone else hate the fact that, by the middle of February, the stores are all full of spring/summer clothes, but there’s still so much winter left to go that you can’t actually wear any of it? Us too. This post won’t help you with that, we’re afraid, but it might just brighten up your Monday morning every so slightly. See, last week when our officers were conducting important research for our Valentine’s post, they couldn’t help but notice that Matalan’s spring/summer collection is all kinds of awesome. It’s also all kinds of affordable, which is even better news, because if we can get ourselves a closet full of cute clothes without having to re-mortgage the house to…


Wanted! River Island navy polka dot pencil skirt

River Island polka dot pencil skirt, £22 Got £22 and the need to pep up your closet with a little something new? Maybe something with a fun print and an easy-to-wear shape? Well, our officers tracked down this little River Island tube skirt a couple of weeks ago, and we figured it was time to share it with the rest of you: it’s cheap, it’s cheerful, and it’s the kind of skirt you’ll be able to wear in lots of different ways. Our old friends at ASOS, for instance, have gone for a sporty kinda look, with sneakers and a crop top: [see it here] Although we’re not big fans of either sneakers or pattern-mixing (although, if patterns absolutely MUST…


Wanted! Boden’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. All of it.

Thank the Fashion Gods for Boden. At a time when it feels like half the world is either shivering in sub-zero temperatures, or being blown to bits by gale-force winds, their spring/summer 2014 collection, which launched online this week, is a breath of fresh air – and a reminder that better days are (hopefully) coming. We had a lot of love for Boden’s last collection, and this latest one makes us wonder again how on earth we managed to ignore this brand for so long. Basically, if you love classic/preppy style (and we do), with a focus on polka dots and stripes (which we DEFINITELY) do, this is a great collection to check out. Here are just a few of…


Wanted! Winter coats at Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge full-skirted coats, £85 If you’re anything like us, the recent plunge in temperature here in the UK has got us just a little bit obsessed with outerwear. More so than we usually are, even. The problem with winter coats is that, because they tend to be to pretty expensive, they can end up taking up a huge chunk of your clothing budget, and if you’re dropping that much money on something, you REALLY don’t want to make an expensive mistake. Enter this Miss Selfridge full-skirted coats. Not only are these reasonably affordable at £85 (No, it’s not what you’d call “cheap”, but it’s not easy to find a great coat for a whole lot less), they’re also the…


WANTED! Anthropologie bowtie pencil skirt

Anthropologie bowtie pencil skirt, £118 We’ve been focusing a lot of full skirts lately (And we’ll have some more of those for you tomorrow, so don’t say we didn’t warn you), so we thought this Anthropologie bowtie pencil skirt might make for a nice change of pace. This is about as sweet as a skirt gets, with the all-over bow print, and the flared hem, which looks like it would fly out nicely if the model were to spin around in it. (We’re surely not the only ones who’d be spinning around within seconds of slipping this on, are we? )It’s fun, flirty, and very playful, and those aren’t words we’re used to using to describe pencil skirts, so that…


Wanted Wednesday | Coast Occasionwear

When we started to put together this week’s Wanted Wednesday post, we had the best of intentions to use a variety of different sources. Unfortunately, though, we didn’t make it past the “new in” section at Coast: whoops. We’re hoping you won’t judge us too harshly, though, because look: Lily-Anna dress, £180 A fairytale dress if ever we saw one. Now, Coast is pretty ubiquitous when it comes to special occasions: so much so that we know of more than one bride-to-be who’s had to put “No Coast dresses” on the wedding invitations, for fear the guests would turn up wearing the same dresses as the bridesmaids. Even if you can safely take the bridal party out of the occasion,…


Wanted Wednesday | Most Wanted Fashion

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for us to show you a completely random selection of fashion items which we want to buy right now… but probably won’t, because they’re mostly hideously expensive. Well, we can dream, can’t we? And seeing as we’re dreaming, we may as well start off with this Roksnada Ilincic dress, which is a snip at just $1,510: Buy here It’s not cheap, and we don’t normally go for combinations of black n’ brights, but this dress is so beautifully cut, and so full of film noir-style drama that we’re willing to let it pass. Here’s something else we don’t normally go for: Buy here It’s Stuck-Together-Clothes, y’all. We normally have zero tolerance for Stuck Together…

Wanted Wednesday | Anthropologie Emeline Tulle Skirt

Anthopologie isn’t a brand we feature nearly often enough here on TFP. It’s not that we don’t like it: far from it, in fact. But as much as we love some of Anthropologie’s products, we often find them just a little bit overpriced, and so, rather than taunt ourselves with things we can’t actually afford, we have a bad habit of ignoring it altogether. We’re making an exception for the Emeline skirt, though: Anrthropologie ‘Emeline’ tulle skirt, £128 Now, this is tulle. It’s cream. And even although full skirts are very much in fashion this year, it’s definitely not the kind of thing that you’d  find yourself wearing every day, or even every week. Well, not unless you were Carrie…

Topshop swimwear

Wanted Wednesday | One-piece swimsuits from Topshop

We’ve talked a lot about swimwear, and one-pieces in particular, lately, but the cute styles just keep on coming, and there’s still plenty of summertime left to wear them in: or we hope so, anyway. This season, we’ve been particularly impressed with Topshop’s offerings in the beachwear department. While many swimwear brands take the retro route when it comes to one-pieces (And hey, no complaints from us there!), they’ve managed to keep their collection a little more contemporary, using interesting prints and streamlined shapes to create suits which are flattering and forgiving to the figure, while still looking very fresh and “young”. Topshop also have a great selection of bikinis on the site at the moment, so if that’s more…


Wanted Wednesday: Pretty in Pink (and white)

For today’s Wanted Wednesday we rounded up some pale pink items for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure, as the case may be), but then we had to go and ruin it all with something that ISN’T pink: Temperley London silk-organza dress, £1,250 Well, it’s SORT of pink. In a certain light. If you kinda half-close your eyes and squint a bit. It’s also a total fantasy-buy, at £1,250, so let’s quickly move onto something that’s both pink AND slightly more affordable: Topshop ‘Gwenda’ pointed court shoes, £58 We’re big fans of Topshop’s ‘Gwenda’ courts, which are available in a wide range of colours, including this pretty baby pink. This is basically the perfect court shoe shape, with a low vamp…


Wednesday Wants: TFP’s Favourite Fashion, every Wednesday

Wednesday Wants: a random selection of things we want. On Wednesday. Simple. Here are some of the things that caught our eyes this week… ASOS Pencil Dress In Summer Rose Jacquard, £65 This dress is from the ASOS Collection line, which we’ve been loving this season: the pieces are a little higher quality (and therefore have a correspondingly higher price tag) than you may be used to seeing from ASOS, and there are some really stunning items to be found there. We featured the floral jacquard pencil dress from this line a couple of months ago, and can confirm that it’s even more beautiful in real life than it looked in the photos, and the kind of dress we wouldn’t have…

floral print fashion

Five Fabulous Floral Prints

Love it or hate it, you just can’t escape it at this time of year: yes, we’re talking about floral print, THE ubiquitous summer print. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you wearing florals during the rest of the year too, if you wish, but the Spring/Summer season is the time when flowers are applied to everything: dresses, shoes, skirts, tops… if you can name it, it’s probably had a floral print applied to it at some point. For those who love them, florals epitomise everything that’s good about summer. Not only are they seasonally-appropriate, they’re also fresh, fun and feminine, and come in so many different colours and patterns that it’s usually easy enough to find something that’s to…

vintage style midi dresses

Wanted! Pretty vintage-style midi dresses from Topshop

As our regular readers will know by now, The Fashion Police have  soft spot for midi dresses, and we’re also partial to anything that so much as hints at a vintage-inspired style. Thanks to the release of The Great Gatsby this summer, we can probably expect to see a lot more of this kind of style, and this morning Topshop took delivery of a trio of pretty midis which wouldn’t look out of place at a summer garden party way back when. Or a totally modern event in 2013, for that matter. We love…   Blue chiffon bodice skater dress, £120 Pink chiffon midi dress, £65 Lemon lace midi dress, £95

Dorothy Perkins laser cut flowers top

High Street Hero: Dorothy Perkins laser cut flowers top

Dorothy Perkins laser cut flowers top, £32 An intricate, laser cut top isn’t something you generally find in the £30-or-thereabouts price bracket, so when we saw this one at Dorothy Perkins, we decided to nominate it as a High Street Hero. What’s a High Street Hero? It’s one of those items you find on the high street (Well, d’uh), which stand out from the crowd for one reason or another: either they look more expensive than they are, they’re the kind of quality you don’t always find from the price…or you just really like the look of them. This top falls into the third category for us. We haven’t seen it in the “flesh”, so we can’t speak to the…

blue bow peplum top

Wanted! Blue bow peplum top from A|Wear

The cream version of this bow peplum top is currently available for just £20 at A|Wear, and  they assure us its Tiffany-blue sister will be joining it soon. We’ll take both of ’em, please: they’d be perfect with either pencil skirts or skinny jeans, depending on how dressed up or down you want to be…

Oasis black and white peplum top

Wanted! Oasis black and white peplum top

You can’t possibly have missed the fact that peplums are in fashion right now. They come in every conceivable colour and pattern, of course, but this black and white stripe version from Oasis is our favourite so far: it looks particularly good paired with red, for a simple, yet bold, look. BUY: Black and white peplum top, £45, Oasis

ASOS Bandeau Playsuit in Spot with Bow

Wanted! ASOS Bandeau Playsuit in Spot with Bow

OK, so it would probably be pretty hard to pull this off AS a playsuit, even if you were a model. Not because it wouldn’t look good, you understand: just because it would look like you were out in public in your swimsuit. And that’s exactly how we’d wear this. Not in “public”, we hasten to add, but say you felt like lounging around the pool (without necessarily going in), flicking through some magazines, sipping on a cocktail… this is what you’d wear. And if not this, then perhaps we can interest you in the black version? Or coral? ASOS Bandeau Playsuit with Bow, £30: click here to buy it.

Miu Miu pink glitter sandals

Shoe of the Week: Miu Miu pink glitter finish patent leather heels

Sometimes you want your shoes to be classic, elegant, timeless: the kind of shoes that just ooze effortless sophistication, and which you’d wear countless times over, without ever getting bored with them. Other times, you just want them to like they came straight from Barbie’s Dream House to your feet. For those times, we give you Miu Miu’s pink, glitter finished sandals. Now all you need is a feather boa and you’re good to go. As for just WHERE you’ll be good to go TO, well, we’ll leave that one up to you… (We’re just kidding. Even Barbie would probably dismiss these as “a bit much…”)

Carvela 'Assemble' pumps

Shoe of the Week: Carvela ‘Assemble’ bow front pumps in blue

It’s Friday, the weekend’s almost here, the wine is chilling in the fridge, and we haven’t seen anyone wearing harem pants for, ooh, at least two days now. All of these things combine to put The Fashion Police in a good mood, so we thought we’d celebrate by showing you something we love, rather than something we just want to lock up for the rest if its natural life. For that reason, we give you Carvela’s ‘Assemble’ pumps. (Note: we’re not actually “giving” you them. We’d like to, of course, but they’re £120, and even The Fashion Police need to eat.) They’re blue. They’re Spring-like. They have that ladylike vibe going on that makes us want to wear them with…

polka dot blouse

Fashion Police Gold Star for…Joy’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection

We’ve long been fans of the small-but-perfectly-formed clothing boutique Joy, which is known for its cute and often quirky pieces, but this summer we’re in love with pretty much everything they have available. Well, how could we resist a collection which includes feminine florals, must-have mint, and enough stripes and polka dots to keep even us happy? You’ll find a selection of our current favourites under the jump, and everything on the page is available to buy here…