Dress of the Day | Monochrome striped dress by Apricot

monochorme striped dress with bow at waist

Monochrome striped dress, £34

OK. We’ve shown you a lot of monochrome dresses this year. And we’ve shown you a lot of striped dresses. In fact, we’ve shown you a lot of monochrome striped dresses… and we’ll probably show you some more.  Of all of the dresses we’ve seen in this particular style lately – and we’ve seen a LOT – this one by Apricot has to be our very favourite. That’s handy, too, because it’s also the cheapest so far, at just £34.  That hardly EVER happens, does it?

We love this dress for it’s combination of simplicity and drama. The bold stripes give it a lot of impact, but the classic shape prevents it from being too loud, while the little bow at the waistband adds a playful touch. You don’t need The Fashion Police to tell you this monochrome stripe look is huge right now (We already have, though), but as we’ve said in the past when this subject has come up: when are stripes NOT fashionable? Never, right? So you can buy this now and not have to worry about looking SOOOOO last season this time next year. (Not that you would worry about that, obviously: your Fashion Police raised you better than that…)

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