Fashion Police

Money shoes, by Maison Martin Margiela 22


Looks like Martin Margiela has decided to put his money where his, uh, shoes are.

Now, it's probably fair to say that these shoes will get you a lot of attention, which is presumably the whole idea: well, that and the fact that you get to make an ironic point about designer fashion and status symbols, perhaps? 

If you live anywhere near the Fashion Police HQ, however, it's probably ALSO true to say that these shoes will possibly get you mugged: the people round here just aren't that into ironic dressing, if you know what we mean.

If that's a risk you're willing to take, you can purchase these for yourself at, in red or grey. And although they come with great wads of (fake) cash attached to them, they actually only cost a relatively modest £142 on sale.

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