Moncler fur trim trapper hat – have you got yours yet?

Moncler Fur Trim Trapper Hat

Nope, not a dog – although you’d be forgiven for thinking so… In fact, this is a 100% raccoon fur trapper hat from Moncler, and, apparently, the must-have item of the season!

If you’re averse to wearing an animal on your head (we assume the raccoon-haters out there are already sold on this one) we urge you to think a little about the benefits. Just consider how cosy you’ll be in that arctic-condition weather so much of the world suffers this time of year. Imagine the near-constant joy to be found in a tickly forehead – not to mention the wonder of finding yet more fur moulting into your eyelashes…

And if that’s not for you, you can always find a strategic position within view of the front door and invest in a “beware of the dog” sign to deter unwanted visitors!

Ok, yes, we’re being a bit silly here: but seriously, will you be buying this hat? And if so, where and with what will you be wearing it?

Moncler fur trim trapper hat, €640,00, My Theresa

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