Crimes of Fashion

Fashion Crime Friday | Mohair jeans and other crimes of fashion

Welcome to Fashion Crime Friday, everyone: it’s our weekly roundup of some of the style suspects we’ve got locked up in our jail, and it’s up to you to decide whether to grant them bail, or simply throw away the key. Today we’re going to dive right in with these jeans:

mohair jeans

Buy them here for £1,380

Suspect # 1 | Mohair jeans

We could probably stop right here, because honestly, what could be worse than mohair jeans? Except £1,380 mohair jeans, that is. £1,380 RIPPED mohair jeans. With a high waist. And a cropped, yet slightly flared let. Nothing could make these worse, right?

mohair denim jacket

Buy it here for £1,380

Suspect # 2 | Mohair denim jacket

Oh yeah: THAT could definitely make it worse. We stand corrected. This jacket is also £1,380, meaning you can get the full outfit for “only” £2,760. Bargain!

Want something a little cheaper? Look no further:

cartoon catsuit

Buy it here for £251

Suspect # 3 | Tsumori Chisato catsuit

Taking the word “catsuit” very literally, this little look will be perfect for those of you who really want to look like a cartoon character. Which seems to be the aim of so much of what passes for fashion these does, doesn’t it? Oh, and although it IS cheaper than our first two suspects, it’s only comparatively so, and will still set you back £251. “Cat hat” not included. 

If you like the saggy crotch look, however, you may prefer this:

diaper skirt

Buy it here for $280

Suspect # 4 | Damir Doma Bloomer Skirt

Look, you can call it a “bloomer skirt” all you want, but we know an adult diaper when we see one. And we see one.

That’s it for this week, fellow fashion sleuths: join us next week for more crimes of fashion, and in the meantime, please consider following us on these networks:

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