Modelling is Hard: Zombie Edition

Before you ask, we’re not talking issue with what this model is wearing, which is pretty inofensive: we’re just concerned for her. The vacant stare, the slumped-over posture: this model is a zombie, isn’t she? Someone has zombified her! Jeez Louise, modelling really IS hard, isn’t it?

Seriously, though: why does the fashion world do this? Why does it persist in taking pretty girls and forcing them to pose in ridiculous, awkward stances, with facial expresions that resemble those of The Undead? (No offence to the girl in question, here, by the way: it’s not her, it’s the way the shoot has been styled.) Isn’t fashion supposed to be aspirational? Is everyone reading this secretly aspiring to be a zombie?

Someone help this model! It doesn’t have to be this hard, surely?

(If you don’t want to help her, but do want to buy her dress, just click here…)

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