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Modelling is Hard: Rick Owens’ high collar jacket

Well, you wouldn’t want to mess with THIS model, would you? Look at the expression on her face! She’s almost daring us to laugh at her high-collared Rick Owens jacket:

For some reason we’re reminded of Darth Vader. Like we say, wouldn’t want to mess with her…

About the jacket, though. Folded down, the collar looks fine:

Standing up, though:

Just a tad higher than we’re used to.

Ah, we don’t know, though. We’re in a pretty good mood today, so we’re actually thinking we might turn a blind eye to this one. After all, at $1,690, it’s not like there’s going to be whole armies of people wearing them, as amusing as that mental image is.

What do you think: send it to jail or set it free?

(Click here to buy it.)

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