Crimes of Fashion

Ridiculous Runways: Pam Hogg Fall 2011

All we can say is, we hope these girls are being paid a LOT…

… and that the high street doesn’t bother taking “inspiration” from this particular collection.

Seriously, think of some of the people you know. Ones who aren’t models, preferably.

Now imagine them dressed like THIS. It’s not pretty, is it?

(Actually, didn’t Cher wear this to the Oscars one year? The prosecution rests.)

You’d want to put them in restraints, wouldn’t you?

Well, you wouldn’t want them getting a big head, would you?

Whoops, too late!

The Birds! The Birds!

There’s more than one strange thing in this photo, isn’t there? We’ll let you be the ones to count ’em…

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