Modelling is Hard: Menswear Edition

Modelling is Hard. It’s hard for everyone, of course: all of those poor models who work so hard, only to be told that they need to eat a sandwich, or get some “curves”, or some other kind of bodysnark. It’s hard for them all, but modelling is particularly hard for this guy:

male model without pants

You may recognise him as one of the stars of last week’s Crimes of Fashion Roundup, in which he modelled a pair of fetching pink towel trousers, and some pants made from feathers. Now here he is: he’s lost his pants, and he’s wearing what is possibly the most ridiculous outfit we’ve seen all year – so far – but just look at our guy, still smiling through his heartache. This guy could give the Extreme  Boyfriend a run for his money, that’s for sure. It’s not all men who could get away with this, after all:

man in fur coat

And some men just wouldn’t be seen dead in a sheer dress. (Actually, some WOMEN wouldn’t be seen dead in a sheer dress, but that’s beside the point.) This Guy would, though. For this guy is an enlightened guy. He knows that if women can wear trousers, ain’t no reason why men can’t wear dresses: and honestly, it’s better than the first “outfit” they put him in, isn’t it?

male model in dress

So successful was This Guy in his mission to model everything from towels to tunics that he persuaded his friend to join in the fun, too:

male model in dress

All hail the men of Ra Webshop: This Guy, and That Other Guy. They know they have a hard job, but they do it anyway, and they do it with pride. Male models, we salute you, for you make our days a little bit brighter.

These models also have the power to make your wallets a little bit LIGHTER, should you love something they’re wearing. You can buy all the items featured here. We WILL arrest you, though…



  • April 24, 2013



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  • April 24, 2013


    I can’t even get my husband to look at these. He knows no good will come of it. 😉

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  • May 2, 2013


    I don’t know about this. I think the poor man looks like he’s a prisoner and has been told that if he wears these things, he might get a piece of chocolate, or a newspaper, or a walk in the courtyard.

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  • May 6, 2013


    Poor guys!!! 🙁

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