Model Makeover: Saving Models from Crimes of Fashion

Modelling is hard. We know this from the many years we’ve spent patrolling the world of fashion. No one knows what those poor models suffer in the name of fashion: well, no one except other models, obviously. Forced to wear ugly outfits, to pose in ridiculous ways, and to keep on smiling, even when they’re wearing leggings as pants, these poor models are often suspected of committing crimes of fashion, when the reality is that they are but helpless victims. Today we’ve decided to stand up for the models: to help them, rather than simply arresting them, and we’re doing it with a Model Makeover – a simple challenge in which you get to re-dress a model, in a style of your choice.

Here’s our first victim, wearing an outfit from ASOS:

model wearing leggings as pants, crop top and wedge sneakers

Model Makeover: save the model, save the world

Leggings as pants. A crop-top crime. Fashion-victim shoes. This outfit has it all, and yet still she smiles, like the true professional she is.

Our question to you is this:

How would you make this outfit better?

Let’s assume you have to keep one item, but can change the rest. Here’s one option:

model makeover | what to wear with a crop top

The shoes might have been the easier option, but we decided to keep the crop top, and used a high-waisted pencil skirt and wide belt to cover up some of the torso. Is the model safe in this outfit? Well, that’s a matter of personal opinion, but what we’d really like to know is what YOU’D do to save her from this outfit. What would you keep and what would you change? Leave your answer in the comments box – and if you have a bit of time on your hands, feel free to hit up Polyvore and conduct your own Model Makeover: if you’d like to post your image here so everyone else can see it, you’ll find the image upload button at the bottom of the comment form – just save the image to your computer and then click to upload!

how to upload an image

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  • March 20, 2013


    wow! great job on the model makeover! now i envy the model…loving the combination especially that skirt! – and the shoes aren’t half bad either.

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