Impostor Footwear: Miu Miu court shoes with attached socks

Miu Miu shoes with attached socks

SUSPECT: Miu Miu shoes with attached socks
PRICE: £245
FASHION POLICE VERDICT: Guilty of being Footwear Impostors: shoes pretending to socks

While we’re on the subject of shoes that are not quite as they should be, here’s a blatant case of shoes-pretending-to-be-socks by Miu Miu.

There’s nothing particularly new to report here, of course: shoes have been pretending to be socks for years now, and we can go through the whole “but what if you wanted to wear different socks?” and “how do you wash them?” stuff, but let’s face it, we’ve said it all before.

This latest example, however, does bring a new question to mind: why must the impostor footwear always be so damn UGLY? Seriously: say you wanted to attach a pair of shoes to a pair of socks. Yes, we know it’s totally implausible that you’d ever want to do that – you’re not fashion victims, after all – but just pretend. You’d pick a NICE pair of shoes and a NICE pair of socks, wouldn’t you? You would. Not Miu Miu, though. They’ve gone back to 1992 to rip these pointy-toed ankle straps off the feet of some poor office worker, and then they’ve attached them to a pair of sad, saggy brown socks. It’s as if they thought, “Well, no one’s ever going to want to wear these shoes, anyway, so we may as well make them even uglier!” (And who would’ve thought that was even possible?)

Actually, now we come to think of it, we have arrived at the answer to our question. If they used NICE shoes for a sock-sticking like this, it would be even MORE of a tragedy, wouldn’t it? Because they’d have taken something beautiful, and turned it into something ugly. As it is, they’ve simply taken something ugly, and turned it into something even uglier. We still don’t see the point, but we do at least thank them for keeping all of the ugliness in one place: small mercies, we suppose.


  • January 9, 2012


    It´s more of a “shoes pretending to be ankle booties (rather than socks)” case. On the bright side, at least they are closed- toe, one faux pas less.

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  • January 9, 2012


    Nothing says “witch shoes” more.

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  • February 7, 2012


    Shoes/socks = shocks

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