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Crime of Fashion: Miu Miu’s Leather and Suede Boots With Dragonfly Ornaments

Miumiuboots It always hurts the most when the designers you love present you with something like THIS.

Oh, Miu Miu, how could you do it to us? How well we’ve loved your shoes until now! How we’ve coveted every embellishment and smiled over every last inch of them. And then … this.

What happened, here, Miu Miu? Wear these are you’re going to look like you fell asleep in the forest, Babes in the Wood style, and some creepers took root nearby and grew up your leg. And not only that: THERE ARE INSECTS ON THEM. INSECTS. And yeah, sure, they’re dragonflies, and we know you’re all about dragonflies, Miu Miu, but seriously: INSECTS CRAWLING UP YOUR LEGS, dammit! What were you thinking?

These are Spring/Summer 08, and there’s a big ol’ question mark over whether they’ll actually go into production or not. I don’t know about you, but I reckon I’m going to be voting "not"…

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