Crimes of Fashion, Jeans

Miss Sixty drop-crotch jeans. Sorry, “carrot fit”


It's sometimes quite embarrassing to see what designers will do to try and evade Fashion Police arrest. Miss Sixty, for instance, thought that by describing these jeans of theirs as "carrot fit", we somehow wouldn't notice the glaringly ugly drop-crotch on them. But we see the drop-crotch. Oh, we see it. Well, we could hardly miss it, given that it's roughly the size of Canada, could we?

This model is just glad she didn't have to run for a bus while she was wearing these: we may be wrong, but they just don't look like they'd allow you a whole lot of freedom, do they? Still, at least they make her butt look goo… Oh no, wait. Our mistake.

If you love them, they're £110 and available from ASOS.

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