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Miss Selfridge poppy printed trousers and jacket: could you wear them to Tesco?

Anyone else seeing a pair of floral print pyjamas here?

They’re not: this is Miss Selfridge’s poppy print jacket (£29) and matching trousers (£29), and we can’t help but wonder whether Miss Selfridge have created these as a cunning way to allow supermarket shoppers to get around the “no pyjamas” rule currently in effect in some stores? “Why, no!” you could say. “These aren’t pyjamas! This is my stylish, poppy-print-pant outfit from Miss Selfridge! Unhand me, officer!”

We’re going to assume these two items probably weren’t intended to be worn together, as a suit (although you never really know these days, do you?), but can you envisage wearing either of them, together or apart?

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