The Mirdle: a girdle for the guys

Mirdle Seeing as we women have our Yummie Tummie Tanks, our Spanx and our control-top pants, it seems only fair that men should get their own brands of shape-wear too. And guess what? They do! They’re called ‘Mirdles’ (Male Girdle – geddit?) and according to The Wall Street Journal, men are just lapping them up. (Not literally, we hope.)

Some questions for you, then:

Guys: Would you wear a girdle? Or a Mirdle? Or whatever you want to call it?

Girls: Would you go out with a guy in a girdle? Or be put off at all if he stripped off to reveal the item of underwear to the left of this picture? Remember, men have to put up with our Spanx, so should we support them in their wearing of Mirdles?

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