Style On Trial

Style on Trial: mini bowler hat by Chapeau Claudette

Mini_bowler_hatThis winter really is shaping up to be the season of the hat. While we know hats are always around in some form another, this year there seems to be much greater choice available in the world of headgear, with styles ranging from the sublime to the completely and utterly ridiculous.

Which category does this mini bowler hat by Chapeau Claudette fall into, we wonder? On the plus side, it has that cuteness about it that all very small items seem to have (puppies, kittens, babies, etc, etc), but on the minus side we suspect that dinky cuteness may only apply to this when it’s not actually being worn, at which point it just runs the risk of making the wearer look like they have a very big head indeed. Or like they’re about to star in their very own cartoon.

Which side are you on with this? Cute or “cartoon”?

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