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Style on Trial: Mina d’Ornano doll pendants

Doll_pendantsDolls. They’re one of those “love ’em or loathe ’em” kind of things, aren’t they? Or at least, they are when you’re an adult. Some people love them, collect them, and generally can’t get enough of them. Others find them… a little bit creepy, to be absolutely honest.

We think the ones on Mina d’Ornano’s pendants probably fall into the “a little bit creepy” category, regardless of whether you’re a doll lover or not, but that’s probably the whole point: the one shown above, for instance, is the “Evil Guest Doll”. Hard not to be just a little bit freaked by that, no?

You’ll find a couple of close-ups of these under the jump. What do you think of them, though? Would you wear a giant, scary doll around your neck? What if the giant, scary doll cost £941? Would that change your mind? If not, you can buy these at CoutureLab



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