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Milla Jovovich and Katie Price provide proof that legwarmers are making a comeback


We’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the leg warmers situation for a while now, but this week has seen a sudden rush on them, with Milla Jovovich wearing a pair to the Louis Vuitton show in Paris, and Katie Price looking very blue in what’s starting to become her signature style of leggings, stilettos and a tiny dress.

While there’s little doubt that Milla would win hands (or legs) down if this was a Star Style War, though, we’re just not convinced this is a trend we should be continuing to turn a blind eye too. While we loved the look of leg warmers under long boots earlier this winter, seeing them flaunted like this with stilettos is perhaps a little bit too ‘Kids from Fame’ for your humble Fashion Police, who thought Flashdance was a great movie, but who don’t necessarily want to ever have to see the fashions worn in it again.

Your verdict, jury? Are the legwarmers-with-stilettos good uns’, or should we be sending them down? 

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