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Michelle Williams in shorts at the Independent Spirit Awards

Michelle Williams in a navy and black short suit

Because The Oscars have the ability to take over the world, and suddenly nothing else matters except Angelina Jolie’s leg and all of the other antics upon that most famous of red carpets, we’re a little bit behind with our celebrity watching, and are having to go back in time to show you some of the outfits we missed while we were obsessing over the Oscars.

(Not literally, obviously. If we had the power to go back in time, Crocs wouldn’t exist, because we would’ve put a stop to them before they started. Ditto harem pants, and all of the other awfulness of the fashion world. And then WE wouldn’t need to exist, because there would be no fashion crimes for us to fight: we’d have already fought them all. Thank goodness time travel isn’t real, huh?)

First up in Michelle Williams, seen here at the Independent Spirit Awards this weekend, wearing a shorts suit, and carrying another Olympia le Tan book bag.

Now, normally we’d hate this. We’d think the combination of short pants + blazer + short hair + book = naughty schoolboy from the 50s.

Actually, though, we think Michelle looks absolutely adorable here, and we wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

What about you?

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