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Michelle Pfeiffer and Sarah Jessica Parker work the midaxi at the premiere of New Year’s Eve

Michelle Pfeiffer and Sarah Jessica Parker

Three things:

1. We can’t quite believe we used the word “work” in this context. Don’t you just HATE it when people talk about “working” their clothes, or – even worse – “rocking” them. Just wear them, for God’s sake!

2. It’s not even appropriate because, well, this “midaxi” length isn’t really “working” on either of them, is it? And let’s face it: neither Michelle Pfeiffer or Sarah Jessica Parker are in the first flush of youth, but even so: there’s something just very “grandma’s closet” about midaxi length florals, isn’t there?

3. Michelle Pfeiffer is very close to killing an angel here. Angels, be warned!

Your thoughts?

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