We are SO going medieval again! Men in tights works …

Comment on Men in Tights: eMAN-cipate want to make it acceptable for men to wear pantyhose. Is it? by gokarm.

We are SO going medieval again! Men in tights works for me, so long as their wearing a long tunic and a belt and some leather boots. Don’t ask me why…but I’m sick of “retro” being reserved for the 20th century. I’d like to see more dandys walking around too…some 18th century wigs…Who needs boundaries???
But to wear tights with ANYTHING men are normally wearing now (cargo shorts, for instance)…is lame and unnecessary. Gah, inspiration is running away with me, must go design mens fashion now.

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She looks sensational, and succeeds where anna paquin fails…the cleavage, she doesn’t look slouchy and unsupported. This is how you do low-cut!

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