Matalan’s summer 2014 collection is awesome

Matalan spring summer 2014

Matalan spring/summer 2014

Anyone else hate the fact that, by the middle of February, the stores are all full of spring/summer clothes, but there’s still so much winter left to go that you can’t actually wear any of it?

Us too.

This post won’t help you with that, we’re afraid, but it might just brighten up your Monday morning every so slightly. See, last week when our officers were conducting important research for our Valentine’s post, they couldn’t help but notice that Matalan’s spring/summer collection is all kinds of awesome. It’s also all kinds of affordable, which is even better news, because if we can get ourselves a closet full of cute clothes without having to re-mortgage the house to pay for it, then so much the better.

Here are just a few of the items we’ve earmarked from the summer preview: these aren’t all available on site yet (although some of them are), but they will be very soon, so keep checking back if something catches your eye.


stylish skirts

Fashion has been all about the skirt lately, and for once, fashion and The Fashion Police are on the same page with this one. We love our dresses, but skirts are that bit more versatile, because you can constantly change the look of them just by changing your top. These skirts (and particularly the mesh-insert midis, which are very similar to something Topshop was charging £50 last season) are much more fashion-forward than we’ve come to expect from a budget brand like Matalan, and although that sheer section has been done to death, it’s not going anywhere, and these are a pretty cheap way to try on the trend.


cute coats

OK, so they’re mostly shades of pink and navy, but seriously, how many colours do you need? These will be perfect for springtime – especially if it’s anything like as rainy as we’ve come to expect it to be.


wardrobe basics

They may not be the most exciting purchases you ever make, but we all need things like basic shirts and knits, and these ones are priced at between £3 – £6, which isn’t too shabby at all. Also, that’s a bicycle print on the first t-shirt: love it.

04. Swimwear

bikini tops

We would’ve totally guessed these cost more than £8 each. We would’ve been wrong, though.

There’s plenty more where that little lot came from, but as we say, not all of it is available in-store or online quite yet – which is probably a good thing, because we’d look pretty silly prancing around in a bikini in the snow. Roll on springtime…

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