Matalan in ‘fabulous shoes for £12’ shocker!


OK, so it’s not actually shocking that Matalan have been making fabulous shoes: they’ve been making them for quite some time now, but the problem has always been that while they’d have lots of lovely pictures of them on their website and in their advertising, they’d rarely ever seem to have them in-store – which is kind of important, really, considering that they don’t have an online store. (WHY?)

Well, I paid a visit to our local Matalan last week (all in the name of research, you understand) and am happy to report that not only are the two shoe styles shown above available in-store, they’re completely gorgeous, too. I’m now the proud owner of the pewter Mary Janes, which are made of a lovely soft, cracked leather, and I have a feeling I’ll be going back soon for the patent court shoes, which come in black or purple, and have metallic detailing on the heel and a "much more expensive than £12" look about them. For yes, folks, the most remarkable thing about these shoes is that they’re only £12. Twelve. Pounds. Go get ’em – before I get them first…

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  • November 2, 2007


    Why did you have to show me those silver shoes? I really want them now! I went looking for them yesterday and my local branch had no sign of them. I’ll have to try again at another branch.

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