Mary Katrantzou for Topshop arrives, sells out almost instantly


Well, that was quick work, Topshop shoppers. Mary Katrantzou’s capsule collection for the high street brand launched this morning, and at the time of writing, all that’s left is the hideous trousers pictured above, a scarf and a pair of leggings. And there’s not much of these left online either, so if you really want some of this stuff, you’re literally going to have to beg, borrow or steal it, and we don’t recommend the latter. Or, of course, you could dedicate the next few days to visiting Topshop branches, in the hope of finding something, or simply trawl eBay and pay more than the already-high prices you’d have paid in store. Shopping: it’s basically turned into a competitive sport these days, hasn’t it?

Poppy Delevingne (pictured) won’t be joining you on your search, though: she managed to get her hands on an MK-for-TS dress a few days before the launch, and is seen here wearing it to the Elle Style Awards earlier this week. (No, it’s not the dress in our image.) Lucky her.

What do you make of these pieces, though? Mary Katrantzou is currently the darling of the fashion world, and fashionistas everywhere have been gushing over her vibrant floral prints and quirky shapes for a while now. Do you want to gush over the Topshop collection, though? If so, you know where the comment box is…

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