Fashion Criminals: Mary Kate & Ashlee

Mkashley -Mary Kate & Ashlee

No, not Ashley – Ashlee. And actually, we’re going to let Ash off here because she, at least, has an excuse for this heinous plaid jacket – she’s doing some kind of promotion for Sketchers. Mary Kate, on the other hand – oh, Mary Kate, what happened here? I mean, I have nightmares in which I’m out dressed like this – no pants, ugly workman’s shirt, straggly hair. MK, I know we sometimes use this as a figure of speech, but you literally look like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards here. A hedge that stole your pants.

Crime of Fashion: Mary-Kate Olsen’s Chanel Sunglasses

Mary-Kate Olsen's Chanel Sunglasses

Hey, I wonder what kind of sunnies MK’s wearing? I can’t possibly guess, can you?

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