Crimes of Fashion

Marni helps further the “pyjamas as streetwear” trend

Marni pyjama top

It would probably be overstating things somewhat to call the fact that a lot of people don’t bother to change out of their pyjamas before leaving the house these days a “trend”. Nevertheless, it is something we’ve been seeing more and more of lately, but as of today, we will no longer judge these people as fashion criminals, because thanks to Marni’s oversized pyjama top, they could just as easily be fashion victims instead, spending £355 to look… like they just rolled out of bed and didn’t bother getting dressed.

To be fair, Net-a-Porter do suggest wearing this as “loungewear”, and as we’ve often said, what people wear in their own home is outwith The Fashion Police’s jurisdiction. That said, Net-a-Porter also suggest wearing it “with skinny jeans and heels for an on-trend weekend look”. Which is another matter altogether.

Would you wear a pyjama top – even an expensive, designer one – as streetwear, jurors? Do you think this top is the very thing your “skinny jeans and heels” look is crying out for? We’d love to know…

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