Fashion Police

Marni for H&M Lookbook

Marni for H&M Lookbook

Are you suffering from “H&M Designer Collaboration Fatigue”? It’s a recognised condition, you know. These models both have it. That’s why they look like they’ve given up on life. And also why one of them is wearing socks with sandals, as if THAT hasn’t been outlawed since 1932…

If you ARE a sufferer of HMDCF, as we’ve just this second dubbed it (Symptoms include eyes glazing over at the sight of the word “H&M” and inability to care whether or not you’re able to “snag” a piece from the collection), we’re sorry, but it’s not over yet. Marni for H&M will launch – we beg your pardon, “land” – on March 8th. We have some images from the Lookbook in the gallery below, which will show you, not just what the clothes look like, but what the interior of the Fashion Police Jail looks like too. We hope you enjoy it more than the models appear to have…

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