Just pretend I +1’ed this ok? …

Comment on Crime of Fashion? Markus Lupfer French lace trousers by Louise.

Just pretend I +1’ed this ok?

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Worst Wedding Dress, revisisted
Vom voms

Designer Dupes: navy and orange dresses by Victoria Beckham and Rare
personally? Neither, they are both vile

Karl Lagerfeld for Net-a-Porter: What do you think?
Well, that’s all rather 80’s then isn’t it?

Fashion Police Checkpoint: What are you wearing right now?
Red shirt – Target
Black skirt with red lining you can see through the material – made myself
boring black sandals.
Bit of silver jewellery, glasses.

Fashion Police Checkpoint!
(oh no, this will be embarrassing)
T-shirt with “I’m out of bed and dressed, what more do you want” written on it
Black motorcycle pants
Black motorcycle boots
What else do you wear to work? (I know that means it’s Monday for me, but it must be still Sunday for you isn’t it?)

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