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Marilyn Manson’s girlfriend stages fake flashing, Fashion Police investigating

Do not adjust your monitors, that’s a real person. And, you know, it probably takes quite a lot to horrify Marilyn Manson, but if the expression on his face is anything to go by, his new girlfriend (If, indeed, that’s who this is underthe mask. Our money’s on it being someone completely unlikely. Like Simon Cowell, say. Or the Foot Snatcher.) has managed it.

Want to see why Manson looks so shocked? The image under the jump contains no actual nudity, but it’s possibly NSFW anyway. You’ll see what we mean.


And no, we weren’t lying about the “no actual nudity” thing: that’s actually FAKE:

We know. It’s hard to imagine anything more attention-seeking or desperate, is it? Dita never has to do stuff like this to get her picture taken, know what we mean?

Who is the mysterious masked fashion criminal? And how does she get anything done with those nails?

[Images: Fame Pictures]
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