Crimes of Fashion, Skirts

Plastic Fantastic? Marc Jacobs ruffled plastic skirt?

Marc Jacobs ruffled plastic skirt

Some might say that a £550 plastic skirt is always going to be a Crime of Fashion, regardless of what it actually looks like.

Others might say that, why, this skirt is “avant-garde” (Yes, Net-a-Porter, we ARE looking at you) and therefor totes fashion-forward and automatically awesome. Plus, it was on the Marc Jacobs RUNWAY, and he is a DESIGNER, and DESIGNER fashion can NEVER BE WRONG BECAUSE IT IS OMGART. (Fashion victims, we’re looking at you now…)

We, meanwhile, just say that, you know, at least Scarlett O’Hara had a decent pair of curtains to make her dress out of. Today’s women, they have to cobble together a skirt out of a collection of old rubbish bags. So sad!

What do YOU think, though, Fashion Police jurors? Fantastic, or… just plastic?

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