More heart-shaped shoes: Marc Jacobs heart shaped wedges


  We had assumed that the recent rash of shoes with hearts on them was something to do with Valentine's Day – a passing fancy, if you will – but Valentine's has been and gone and the heart-shaped shoes are still around, so we're starting to see a trend developing here. Are hearts the new bows? We're not quite sure: and we don't really know how we feel about them if they are, to be honest.

Take these heart shaped wedges by Marc Jacobs, for instance. At first glance, and even although they're actually nothing like them, we were uncomfortably reminded of these:


  These, of course, aren't by Marc Jacobs (they're from here, if you're interested): they are, in fact, "sexy" shoes (if you're a regular here, you'll already know how we feel about things that are typically described as "sexy"), but we've had them under observation for a couple of weeks now, and they're the first thing that springs to mind whenever the words "hearts" and "wedges" are mentioned in the same sentence.

Which brings us back to Marc Jacobs. Now, clearly his shoes are a whole world away from the shoes pictured above, and actually, the more we look at them, the more we think we like them. The heart isn't too in your face, the uppers look good quality, and the nude leather is one of our current favourite things. We could be swayed by them, in other words.

What do you think, though? Have they won your heart? If so, they're £377 and you'll find them at NET-A-PORTER .

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