A tiny bit of foreshadowing here? Mouse and fox: …

Comment on Marc Jacobs gives up mice, turns to foxes instead by Kathy.

A tiny bit of foreshadowing here? Mouse and fox: Plenty of animals left after those two!!

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Style on Trial: Miu Miu’s suede platform pumps
Oh, so guilty!

Daylight Robbery: Alexander McQueen’s tailored all-in-one
I wouldn’t buy it. It looks out of proportion to me. Too much excess fabric around the hips.

Wear or Die: Animal Instincts
I thought I had such a great idea, yet a lot of fellow responders had it, too. I choose life today. I would wear the leggings under a black maxi dress (definitely not today where the heat index is around 104 degrees F.) I would hope that not a bit of the leggings would show. If I were in a horrible accident and my clothes had to be cut off of me in the hospital, then I pray all my nurses be blind!!!

Celebrity Style on Trial: Maggie Gyllenhaal’s black jumpsuit at The Dark Knight London premiere
Have you seen the back view of this? It’s backless to below her waist. I don’t like the outfit or her hair.

Poltock & Walsh skirt with ruffle front – just a little bit too much, perhaps?
Actually, I have taken a wad of clothes of out the washer that looked loads (pardon the pun) better than this, uh, skirt.

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