Marc Jacobs and the shirt of many colours. And fabrics.


Isn’t it great to see the spirit of ‘make do and mend’ is still alive and well in some quarters? Here we are, living in an age where people will pay £300 for a t-shirt just because it has a designer name on the label, and yet there’s Marc Jacobs, rooting through his granny’s old mending bag to salvage some old scraps of material with which to make his unique designs. And then, er, charging £284 for them. What were we just saying there?

Oh yes, Marc Jacobs: creative AND eco friendly: you have to admire that, don’t you? Or do you?

This shirt is from the Marc by Marc Jacobs line, and the £284 price tag has been "slashed" to £142. We still wouldn’t wear it even if you paid us that much, but would you? Buy it here if you answered in the affirmative… 

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