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Handbag Style on Trial: Marc by Marc Jacobs Graffiti Tote

MarcbymarcjacobsgraffitEvery so often in the world of fashion, some designer will wake up in the morning thinking, “Hey! You know what would make a really great print on my fantastic items? Graffiti, that’s what!” This season, that designer is Marc Jacobs, whose Graffiti Tote is part of the current Marc by Marc Jacobs line, and available at Saks for $148. But what do we all think of it?

The Fashion Police have to put their hands up here and say we see more than enough graffiti in the area around the HQ (those fashion criminals can be messy) to want to see even more of it on our clothes and accessories, and out slight OCD tendencies would make us want to scrub this bag clean every time we used it. But that’s just us. What say you to this one, Fashion Jurors? Will you convict or acquit it of crimes of fashion?

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