Mango taunt Fashion Police with harem pants/peep toe boots combo

Harem_pants_peeptoes We know we said we might be prepared to relax our rules on peep-toe boots a few weeks ago, but this image from Mango has helped re-affirm our belief that these things do, indeed, deserve their classification as "crimes of fashion". So much so, in fact, that we almost totally overlooked the harem pants they’re being worn with, such was the power of the peep toe.

We don’t know why, but there’s something about the sight of bare toes poking out the bottom of a chunky pair of boots that just seems wrong to us. And to pair them with harem pants, albeit as inoffensive a pair of harem pants as we’ve seen? Doubly wrong.

Disagree? Don’t worry – you can purchase this outfit for yourself at the Mango website….

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