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Would your man wear meggings?

We’ve written about “‘meggings” here before (For those of you who’ve never heard of them, “meggings” = “men’s leggings”), but they’ve been back in the public eye recently, thanks to a site called Meggings Man Clothing, which claims that meggings are about to be the next big thing in men’s fashion, and that pretty soon our male friends and relatives will be walking around looking a little bit like this:

meggings: leggings for men

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OK, maybe not EXACTLY like this, because that’s pretty hard to imagine. Seriously: picture just about any man you know. Now picture him wearing a pair of gold leggings. Can you do it? We can’t – or perhaps we just don’t want to, because although we fully support men’s right to wear anything they want to (Women get to wear traditionally “male” clothing without anyone batting an eye, after all, so we don’t see why men should be forced to conform to some kind of “men only” code), we’re not sure we’d actually enjoy the sight of hoardes of men walking around wearing meggings as pants.

Then again, we don’t exactly enjoy the sight of hoardes of women walking around wearing leggings as pants (Because LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS, lest we forget), but that doesn’t stop it happening, so there’s that.

Back to the subject in hand: Meggings Man Clothing founders Adam Freck and Andrew Volk say that their product (Which is designed slightly differently from women’s leggings, with a faux zip and wide waistband) is proving very popular with men who have secretly always wanted to slip into some spandex:

“The truth of the matter is, spandex is flattering.” [they say]  “It compliments people well . . . Meggings are much more comfortable than super tight jeans, and more stylish and appropriate to wear out in public than fitted athletic pants.”

But what about… you know… the CROTCH issue? They have that covered, too. Literally:

“With meggings, people ask about their crotch all the time. The response that we get a lot, once people try on our meggings, is, “That’s not as in-my-face as I thought it would be.” Once guys actually try meggings on, the fear goes away.”

What’s the verdict, Fashion Force? Have these images helped the fear go away for YOU? Would you like to see more men in “meggings” – or, if you are a man, would you wear them?

[Cover image: Matalan]
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