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Style Trial: Malin Akerman in red and pink at the L.A. premiere of Wanderlust

Malin Akerman atthe LA premiere of Wanderlust

If you’re wearing red these days, it’s almost compulsory to wear pink with it. Gone are the days when these two colours would rarely be seen side-by-side for fear of “OMGCLASHING!” Now, of course, colour-clashing is de rigueur, so if we were a “proper” fashion blog, we’d probably be gushing right now about how Malin Akerman here is “bang on trend” and “fashion forward!” and all that rubbish. We’re not, though, so instead we’re going to ask: should she be arrested for this? What’s with the puffy, after-thought sleeves?  Is it a crime of fashion, or is it the best outfit you’ve seen all day?

It’s up to you to decide, Fashion Jurors…

[Images: PRPhotos.com]
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