Crimes of Fashion

Modelling is Hard: Male Model Edition

Male models in ugly outfits

So, you thought female models had it tough, did you? All those sheer dresses, the boob windows, the harem pants. The struggle to keep a straight face while dressed in the type of outfit you wouldn’t even wear to a costume party. Yes, modelling is many things, but glamorous it ain’t. Or at least, not for most of the models we feature here on TFP.

Hard though it may be, though, those girls have it easy compared to the brave gentlemen chosen – or perhaps “sacrificed” would be a better word here? – to model the KTZ Winter 2011 collection. These poor guys just never stood a chance. Faced with such a startlingly ugly selection of clothing, they did what they had to do and they faced their fate with courage and dignity. We’d like to be able to say “they did it with a smile on their faces”, but, well, that would be a lie. For one thing, they’re MODELS and models DO NOT SMILE. For another, the facial expressions on these guys really say it all, don’t they?

We’d like to award these gentlemen The Fashion Police Medal for Courage in the Face of Adversity and Very Bad Fashion. Here’s why…

(Should you wish to purchase any of these outfits, you can do so here.)

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