Maison Martin Margiela’s ‘trouser dungarees’ : a two-part fashion crime


When Fashion Police reader Johanna reported this item, telling us it was a “trouser dungaree”, we expected to see… well, trouser dungarees. Then we opened the link and saw one of David Bowie’s stage outfits, circa 1972.

“Strange,” we thought. “That’s no ‘trouser dungaree’! That’s a unitard!”

But actually, this case is even stranger than that. Because a unitard is all in one piece. This? Is not. This is a two-piece garment. And, going by the photos, we have to assume that one part is the leotard/jumpsuit thingy, and the other piece is the removable leg.

Yes, we just used the words “removable leg” in relation to an item of clothing. We’re dying inside, here. Can you imagine a situation in which you’d want to remove one leg of your blood-stain patterned unitard? (Lady Gaga, you’re exempt from answering this, if you’re reading). Because we sure can’t. Maybe we’re just mixing with the wrong crowd? Although, if it’s a crowd that would pay $680, maybe that’s a good thing?

Maison Martin Margiela trouser dungarees, $680

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