Crimes of Fashion, Jeans

Maison Martin Margiela commits crimes against jeans

We might have been able to live with the rips. (Note: we probably wouldn’t have been, but let’s just pretend…) We might even have been OK with the duct tape. (OK, scratch that: we definitely wouldn’t have been OK with the duct tape). But when the combination of rips and tape make the jeans look so very ill-fitting and unflattering, as if the person who taped up the rips (which they just finished creating: oh, sweet irony!) paid no attention whatsoever to the way the jeans were hanging at the time, and just taped them up any old way, wrinkles and all?

Well, when that happens, we’re going to want our £468 back, please, Margiela. We can make jeans look like crap all by ourselves, thanks.

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