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Uggs and Peep Toes Collide: Maison Martin Margiela Open-Toe Shearling Booties

So, what you’re basically looking at here, readers, is an Ugg boot with a peep toe and a stiletto.


The Fashion Police have been monitoring (and, indeed, questioning) the existence of the phenomenon that is the peep toe boot for a long time now, but these ones really take the proverbial. Seriously, peep toe SHEEPSKIN boots? Under what POSSIBLE circumstances would these been even remotely practical? Even being generous and assuming that people would presumably only wear these with thick socks of some kind (if it’s cold enough for sheepskin boots, after all, it’s definitely too cold to want to have bare toes sticking out of them), we still don’t understand why the peep toe needs to be there in the first place. Wouldn’t these have looked just as, er, “good”, without it? Wouldn’t a closed toe make a sheepskin boot more practical? And, even more alarmingly, now that we have these, isn’t it just a matter of time before someone in the design department at Ugg has one of those light bulb moments, and we end up with ACTUAL peep-toe Uggs?

We fear for the future of footwear. If, however, you think these are the best thing since Uggs themselves, click here to buy them from Shopbop for $865.

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