Crimes of Fashion

Fashion Police traumatized by Maison Martin Margiela S/S 09 collection at Paris Fashion Week


She’s facing forward, people. You see what they did there? It’s like Samara from The Ring, all grown up and newly dyed blonde. Looks like it’s going to be nightmares for us again tonight, then…

Fashion_crime_catwalk We’d wear stockings over our faces too if we were forced to wear a jacket made out of our own hair. Clothes that make you look like you grew long hair all over your body… Hmmm, let us think about that one. Er, ok, NO. But thanks…Martin_margiela09 Under her, er, dress, this model is laughing her ass off at the thought that some people might actually buy this.Parisfashionweek This one, meanwhile, is just grateful she didn’t have to wear the HAIR SUIT.Mm_paris_fashion_week This’ll be a bugger to get off when you need to go to the bathroom, no?The_ring Aww, crap, it’s the Samara Sisters again! Now come on folks, admit it: who played the tape?

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