Maindenform’s Breakthrough Backless Bra – just what it sounds like

Backless_bra Now, we know from our Fashion Confessions that some of you just ain’t too fussed about the whole "visible bra strap" issue.  Sometimes, though (and especially when it comes to wearing slinky evening wear), you just don’t want those straps to show, and for those backless-dress occasions, Maidenform have come up with their Breakthrough Backless Bra.

This is… well, it’s basically a couple of slings for your boobs, isn’t it? But if you’re wearing a dress that has either no back or a very low back, that could be just what you need if you’re not prepared to go bra-less.

The bra is $25 and has just been released, so it’s available for pre-order via the Maidenform website.

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